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Fiji Airways :: New logo by local artist and full re-branding

Airline Brand NewsPosted by The Blog Owner Mon, August 20, 2012 17:47:00

By Angus Montgomery, Mon 20 Aug 2012 - Fijian airline Air Pacific is set to rebrand as Fiji Airways, with the new identity created by a local artist and based on traditional Masi artwork. The new Fiji Airways branding is set to launch next year and will see a revival of the Fiji Airways name, which was last used in 1951.

The airline worked with Fijian Masi artist Makereta Matmosi to develop the Masi symbol for the new identity. Masi art is created on fibrous cloth made from the inner bark of the Masi tree and features finely stencilled geometric motifs (masikesa). These are printed from the outer edges of the cloth into its centre.

Matmosi created a special Masi for Fiji Airways, which features a series of specially designed motifs ‘that carry individual meanings about the people of Fiji, their relationship with the stunning natural beauty of the islands and the country’s national airline.’

Fijian Masi artist Mrs. Makereta Matmosi is proudly showing her artwork

This builds towards the ‘Teteva’ at the centre of the Masi, which is used on the Fiji Airways identity. This features crosses at the four corners to represent connection, as well as petals in the inner circle to represent community.

Matemosi says, ‘What I’ve created is something entirely different, which has never been seen in any of the Masi designs in Fiji.’

Air Pacific chief executive Dave Pflieger says, ‘When we started this process a little over a year ago, our goal was to create a new symbol that was distinctly Fijian and one that would stand out even at the most crowded international airport. ‘With a tall order like this, we knew we could not take the usual creative development route and successfully meet our new brandmark’s requirements. So we rejected the normal corporate route and instead asked a highly respected local Fijian artisan to help create our new symbol.’

Air Pacific says it also worked with ‘a couple of internationally renowned firms’ on the branding, who will be announced on 10 October (Fiji Day), which is when the new Fiji Airways livery and interiors will be unveiled.

© Images by Fiji Airways

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