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Olympic Air :: The 'new' Greek brand

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Wed, November 04, 2009 09:47:41
Olympic Airways, once the national airline of Greece, has recently been sold by the Greek government to a private investment group. The new logo and name (now shortened in the 1980s fashion to Olympic Air) are supposed to signal a change in the company’s culture and offering. To that end the company has held a grand logo contest in the Olympic tradition of competition. The new fleet livery design looks very well. The innovative cheatline is a sample of high design awareness. Putting the airline titles above the centre of the cabin window row is also very well done. This design makes me happy and is a true successor to the previous livery! © Photo by Erkan Caracas

But then I encountered this beautiful picture beneath of an Olympic Bombardier. That they left the engine nacelles in white, I understand. In blue they would have looked too massive. But what a pitty that the 'Olympic' titles are positioned too close to the belly paint line. The titles easily could have go up by 10 cm to get the paint scheme in a better balance. Look at the detail (© Photos by Nik French):

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