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Kalstar Aviation :: A true little gem in livery design

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sun, June 12, 2011 21:55:32
So, now a personal message from the editor. It's all about Kalstar Aviation. I live at the other side of the globe and dealing with airlines worldwide since 1995 but it's the first time I hear about Kalstar Aviation. Since I met a picture of their Boeing 737 at Airliners.net last week I was happily surprised to see such a lovely aircraft paint scheme design. When they drop the 'Aviation'-title and position the 'Kalstar'-title a little higher the design shall look much better than ever before. A big applause for this true little gem in aircraft livery design. More info about Kalstar Aviation »

© Picture by Rayner

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MIAT :: New livery for Mongolian Airlines

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Tue, May 31, 2011 06:30:03
MIAT Mongolian Airlines, the national airline of Mongolia has introduced a modernized exterior paint scheme. The airline brought in yellow as an additional colour and kept its horse brand symbol alive which is repeated in large at the front fuselage position.

© Picture by MIAT and Koji Yokoyama, Tokio

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Air Finland :: Great video by Madeira spotter

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Wed, April 27, 2011 13:01:28
The new Air Finland livery designed by Lila Design is nicely captured by this amateur video filmer, taken at Madeira airport. Enjoy this movie:

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DDA Classic Airlines :: DC-3 in 1958 KLM livery

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Wed, March 30, 2011 21:41:55
DDA Classic Airlines (former Dutch Dakota Association) has introduced their Douglas C-47A Skytrain (DC 3-A), registration PH-PBA, in a different classic KLM paint scheme design and bears the name "Princes Amalia", named after the oldest daughter of H.R.H. Crown Prince William Alexander of Orange and H.R.H. Crown Princess Maximá. The latest PH-PBA scheme shows the same design as KLM's current retro Boeing 737-800 PH-BXA. This KLM 1958 design with the diagonal striping and stylished globe KLM symbol and royal crown was designed by Agency Wasey, Chicago (Erwin Wasey, Ruthrauff & Ryan). The PH-PBA has been in operation previousely in a more classic KLM-scheme which originated from the late 1940s, early 1950s.

DDA Classic Airlines has a fleet of flying classic aircraft, well preserved and maintained. It's main sponsor is KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The DDA Classic Airlines association has an alliance with the aviation theme park Aviodrome at Airport Lelystad (the Netherlands).

© Pictures (first 3 x) by Paul van den Berg, issued with permission by DDA Classic Airlines and far below, by Johan Havelaar

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Air Zimbabwe :: Livery restyling introduced

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Mon, January 10, 2011 12:00:45
Zimbabwe's state airline Air Zimbabwe has revised its aircraft livery design. Unfortuntaly the airline says good bye to their former 'cheatline' livery. © Pictures by: Allan Huse and DAM

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Finnair :: it IS the new livery

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Mon, December 20, 2010 14:13:16
Finnair has officially introduced their re-branding today. Part of this image re-newal are the Finnair logo and fleet livery design. The "F" image is not present on the engine cowlings while the "livery test aircraft" had it on. © Finnair logos and livery impression issued by Finnair

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Finnair :: New livery launch delayed

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, November 27, 2010 06:38:27
Finnair has delayed the introduction of their new aircraft livery. However in the meantime the airline has already painted one of their aircraft on lease in a temporary interim livery. Finnair's CEO expressed that this is not yet the final design.

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LOT :: New livery concept rumor

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, November 13, 2010 12:21:13
With the introduction of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Autumn 2011, LOT Polish Airlines is going to introduce a fleetwide aircraft exterior paint (livery) re-design. The intended concept is shown on the local TV station TVN CNBC. The new design shows that LOT is replacing its crane brand symbol for the LOT brand name. It's yet uncertain whether this concept is the final one or not. Fact is that there is not much sympathy for the fact that the crane shall dissappear off the tail fin.

TVN CNBC broadcoasted the following:

LOT Polish Airlines' crane bird shall not be used anymore as recognizable and prominent brand symbol for the national airline which is present on the LOT tail fins since 1931. The crane bird symbol shall only re-appear as a small image somewhere on the fuselage. The new LOT livery shall be introduced Autumn 2011 when the Dreamliner enters the fleet. The unions are not happy with the new livery which TVN CNBC showed in their TV program. The chairman of Solidarity Stefan Malczewski announced to protest to the Minister of Treasury. "I can say that I'm "zaszokowoany" that the crane is disappearing off the tail. This is already the second attack on LOT's crane symbol. I can only use the word: scandal."

Back in 2002 Dutch design company Lila Design was hired by LOT to propose a re-design proposal: see below. The company restyled the crane symbol. Re-design plans were then shelved by the airline.

Source: Lila Design (www.liladesign.com)

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MAS :: New livery design introduced

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Tue, November 02, 2010 06:34:36
MAS Malaysian Airlines has introduced a new livery. It sports the blue red colours in an original way, leaving their classic cheatline livery to the past. MAS is renewing its aged fleet and its first of 55 x 737-800s received this new branding recently.

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Air Finland :: First pictures of new livery

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Mon, November 01, 2010 16:21:38
Air Finland has painted 2 Boeing 757s in the new livery design, unveiled October 1, 2010. © Photos by Jussi Kettunen and Olli Vainio

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Nokair :: Additional livery added to fleet

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, October 30, 2010 12:02:34
Thailand based airline Nokair, famous of its colourful eyecatching ducklike liveries, has added a new scheme design. © Photo by Keith Burton

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Air Finland :: Livery design renewal

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Fri, October 01, 2010 21:03:27
Air Finland is renewing its fleet livery design. The new livery, with a strong Finnish identity, modern designed, is created by Lila Design Associates in the Netherlands. The roll out and first operation of the first Air Finland newly painted aircraft. Air Finland's official press release (in Finnish):

Air Finland kuosi uudistuuAir Finland uusii laivueensa ilmeen lokakuun alussa. Kahta lentokoneista maalataan parhaillaan uuteen sinivalkoiseen kuosiin. Kolmas koneista saa uuden ilmeen ensi keväänä. Modernin sinivalkoisen ulkoasun on suunnitellut lentokone-designiin erikoistunut hollantilainen Lila Design. Suomalaisuus ja laadukas design haluttiin nostaa lentokoneissamme selvästi esille uutta ilmettä suunniteltaessa, kertoo Air Finlandin toimitusjohtaja Mika Helenius. Uusitun maalauksen valmistuttua lentokoneet liikennoivät lomalentoja ensin lokakuun alussa Välimeren kohteisiin Kreetalle, Alanyaan, Malagaan ja Alicanteen. Lokakuun puolivälissä alkavat lennot talvikauden kohteisiin Gran Canarialle, Teneriffalle sekä Egyptiin. Kaikilla Air Finlandin lennoilla matkustajia palvelee suomalainen miehistö. Suomalaisista matkanjärjestäjistä Air Finlandin lomalentoja käyttävät syksyn ja talven aikana mm. Air Finland Holidays, Finnmatkat, Lomamatkat, OK-Matkat, STS Alppimatkat ja Tjäreborg. Ensimmäinen lento uusitulla ilmeellä lennetään sunnuntaina 3.10. kello 14.50 Helsingistä Malagaan.

Image © Air Finland and Lila Design, 2010

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allegiant :: B752 shows facelifted livery

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Mon, September 27, 2010 23:02:00
Airline allegiant has introduced a facelifted aircraft livery design on one of their Boeing 757s. It seems that this modified livery is part of the airline's "Travel is our deal" identity refreshning. Allegiant has simplyfied its web address by deleting 'www.', resulting in 'allegiant.com'. Pictures published by airlinereporter.com.

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Air Niugini :: Livery re-vitalized

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, September 11, 2010 22:44:21
Air Niugini has introduced a re-vitalized livery which looks clean and shows a very intruiging minimalistic but strong layouted tailfin paint scheme design. Alas the airline deleted the beautiful distinctive mint green colour.

© Photo copyright old livery, Raymond Ngu

© Photo copyright new livery, Michael Dawson

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StarPeru :: Livery re-vitalization

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, September 11, 2010 22:15:53
After operating their colourful and exotic Peru themed 737 tail fin liveries and their blueish BAe146 livery, Peru's LCC StarPeru is now introducing a re-vitalized livery emphasizing its brandname by using a stronger star image in its logo.

© Pictures copyright StarPeru and BAe Systems

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SOL del Paraguay :: New airline brand

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, September 11, 2010 21:50:39
SOL del Paraguay is a new airline which shall start soon with ex-Mexicana Fokker 100s. The first aircraft is already painted in full SOL del Paraguay livery.

More info at www.viajaconsol.com

© Copyright brand impression SOL del Paraguay

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Mexicana :: Icon brand suspends operations

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, September 11, 2010 21:21:04
Grupo Mexicana ceased operations for the time being due to the group's delicate financial situation. One of Americas oldest aviation brands Mexicana and Mexicana Link, which brand image not long ago was greatly re-designed, is forced to stop its operations.

Press release Mexicana

© Photo Mexicana A330 by Alfonso Sacristán

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Air Guinee Int'l :: Ready for take off

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, September 11, 2010 20:55:45
Ex-Air Tanzania Airbus 320 is ready to mark to start of the African airline AGI Air Guinee International, backed by Chinese investors. The aircraft livery design is sober and shows the tri-colour of Guinee.

© Picture by Alain, Spotting Aviation

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Small Planet :: New name for flyLAL Charters

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sun, August 01, 2010 15:53:31
Small Planet Airlines is the new name of the Lithuania based airline flyLAL Charters. The new brand and aircraft livery design show a very nice and happy looking image. Btw flyLAL should have become the successor to Lithuanian Airlines but went defunct aswell.

© Photo by Biel Gomila, Airliners.net

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rakairways :: Brand shake-up

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Thu, July 29, 2010 18:47:10
United Arab Emirates' RAK Airways is moving away from a nice and stylish typical Arab like corporate branding towards a global designed low cost identity. The new logo and smart livery are in light, mid and dark blue. An eyecatcher in the Middle East is reborn.

© Photo by Wim Callaert and Trevor Mulkerrins, Airliners.net

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