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LOT :: New livery concept rumor

General Airline LiveriesPosted by The Blog Owner Sat, November 13, 2010 12:21:13
With the introduction of the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner Autumn 2011, LOT Polish Airlines is going to introduce a fleetwide aircraft exterior paint (livery) re-design. The intended concept is shown on the local TV station TVN CNBC. The new design shows that LOT is replacing its crane brand symbol for the LOT brand name. It's yet uncertain whether this concept is the final one or not. Fact is that there is not much sympathy for the fact that the crane shall dissappear off the tail fin.

TVN CNBC broadcoasted the following:

LOT Polish Airlines' crane bird shall not be used anymore as recognizable and prominent brand symbol for the national airline which is present on the LOT tail fins since 1931. The crane bird symbol shall only re-appear as a small image somewhere on the fuselage. The new LOT livery shall be introduced Autumn 2011 when the Dreamliner enters the fleet. The unions are not happy with the new livery which TVN CNBC showed in their TV program. The chairman of Solidarity Stefan Malczewski announced to protest to the Minister of Treasury. "I can say that I'm "zaszokowoany" that the crane is disappearing off the tail. This is already the second attack on LOT's crane symbol. I can only use the word: scandal."

Back in 2002 Dutch design company Lila Design was hired by LOT to propose a re-design proposal: see below. The company restyled the crane symbol. Re-design plans were then shelved by the airline.

Source: Lila Design (www.liladesign.com)

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